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Travelling Alone to New Zealand

New Zealand is the ideal solo travel destination, and is, further, a wonderful idea for those doing a trip alone for the first time. It is a lot smaller than Australia, is much cheaper to travel through as a result, so budgeting is easier, and it is safe, especially for women – not running into those outback folk is always a plus! If you enjoy spending time outdoors and adventurous activities on your holidays, then this is definitely the country for you.

So Much for You to Choose From

Not only can you enjoy the real money fun of the slots NZ has to offer, but there is an enormous array of hotels, campsites, hostels, and lodges for you to choose from, and you can hop on and off an adventure tour as you like. It is really safe to rent a car too, or even a motorhome, and simply drive around as you please!

A Model of Eco Tourism

New Zealand is perfect for people who like being outside, and stands as a model for eco tourists. You will have both a South and North Island to explore, and can take in the lovely landscapes, volcanic craters, heavenly hot springs, small Scottish towns and more at your leisure.

The City of Sails: Auckland 

Auckland is surrounded by a series of volcanic craters, and there is a wonderful harbour for you to sit at and watch the world drift by. Grab something to eat at the Jellicoe Avenue Fish Market, a street replete with its own rain gardens, and remember that the Auckland comes alive in the summertime, with live music and outdoor movies for you to take in at your leisure.

As Above, So Below 

Take the time to visit the first Marine Reserve in New Zealand, located at Goat Island for those who enjoy the underwater life, or take a hike up Mount Eden for panoramic views of your surroundings.

Another awe-inspiring place to see is the Sky Tower, the city’s focal point, and, for the adventurous, there is always the Sky Walk around the Tower’s edge -or the chance to bungee jump down from it!

The Beautiful Bay of Islands 

The Bay of Island is located just north of the city, and this archipelago is a little bit of paradise. If you have the stamina, get to the top of Waewaetorea Island, take in the simply extraordinary 360° view. Make sure you pay Kerikeri a visit too, but you may find it difficult to leave, and don’t forget to enjoy a dolphin cruise through the Hole in the Rock, a natural arc of stone.

Culinary Delights for Those So Inclined

New Zealanders are very refined, and appreciate urban living, culinary adventures, and support the art world. They are no slouches when it comes to wine, either, and Waiheke Island, or wine island, produces some incredible flavours. It is also less than two hours away, by ferry!

Do a little research before you go, ensure your bookings are all in order before you depart so that you are prepared and to help save money. You will have a life-changing trip when you choose to head down New Zealand-way on your own.

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