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Published on September 12th, 2017 | by admin


Why I Love Prague

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world, let alone Europe. It undoubtedly is a great place to live in, and travel to. Although there is little to no English within the gorgeous European city, you are sure to run into hundreds of Americans there. However, if you don’t learn the Czech language soon enough, you’ll have trouble finding your way.

Read on to find out why everyone is in love with Prague!

Breathtakingly Gorgeous

If someone was to describe Prague in two words, they would most definitely be breathtakingly gorgeous. The city is full of beautiful sights and faces to see. The view of the whole city is admirably stunning and looks like something straight out of a movie even when you’re really there. The beauty of the city has been highlighted time and time again and rightfully so.

Romance is Prague’s Middle Name

Although Prague cannot steal the title from Paris for being the Love Capital of the world, it still is a very romantic city. Everything about the place is going to make you want to hold your loved one close, and admire the scenic beauty of the city. From the central locations to even the streets of Prague at night, it is gorgeous beyond imagination.

Music-Lover’s Heaven

Prague is not just one of the most romantic cities of the world; it is also a great place for those who love music. You are sure to find some musician playing in some corner of the street, with people rejoicing and enjoying themselves on the most normal evenings. Just like they show in the movies, the streets of Prague are very alive and happening at all hours of the day.

Old Town Square

You are bound to run into a newlywed couple at Old Town Square, blushing and celebrating their newlywed status, and just the happiness on their faces is bound to make you feel all warm on the inside. Old Town Square is also a very attractive site and is always flooded with tourists and locals alike. The stories of how the couple came together are also very heartwarming to listen to, and you might end up making a lot of friends in the beautiful city if you socialize there. However, most of these people would barely know any English, because Czech is the major language that they speak.

The John Lennon Wall

The wall was first made in the 1980s and is constantly changing and evolving due to the love of graffiti the people of Prague have. The ‘John Lennon Wall’ is one of the most powerful places in Prague due to the fact that it is the personification of true ‘freedom of speech’.

The Beer is Amazing

It just might be impossible for a person to visit Prague and not love the famous local beer, which is literally cheaper than water. This is also one thing that Prague is well-known for. Not only is the beer cheap, it is extremely delicious too!


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