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10 Must-Try Brazilian Street Snacks

The streets of Brazil are filled with moreish traditional snacks and foods. Here are ten of the most addictive treats to try on your next Brazilian vacay!

Brazilian street food is more than just a treat – it’s an institution! With roots in cultures across Africa and Portugal, Brazil’s local cuisine offers plenty of delicacies, whether you are a meat eater, a vegetarian, or anything in between. Check out these must-try street foods for your next trip to this incredible country!

#1: Pastel

Few things in life are better than this deep-fried Brazilian treat. Pastel are fried pastries filled with a variety of different tempting fillings, including cheese, meats, and vegetables.

Sweet versions are also common among city streets, and you are more than welcome to get one of each to create a full meal.

#2: Bolinhos de Bacalhau

Bacalhau, or codfish, is a classic addition to local cuisine, both on the streets and in-home kitchens across the nation. Bolinhos de bacalhau are fish balls that are served with a squeeze of limejuice for extra kick.

They can be found at restaurants, bars, and even corner stalls, and should be fresh and crispy on the outside and creamy within, while still retaining their delightfully fishy flavour.

#3: Coxinha

Another local favourite, coxinha is a chicken-based dish that is shaped to look exactly like a chicken thigh. This is Brazilian comfort food at its finest and can be eaten at any time of the day and for any occasion.

Nowadays, many unique variations have also arisen, some using fruits and others using veggies or vegetable proteins in place of chicken.

#4: Picanha

This flavourful meat dish is legendary throughout the world, from Cuba to Canada and everywhere in between and you might have already tried it even if you have never visited Brazil.

The Picanha is a prized cut of beef that is very similar to sirloin, offering a tender and juicy bite thanks to its trademark cap of fat. It is usually barbecued on an open grill in the streets of Brazil, leaving tourists and locals alike with watering mouths.

#5: Pão de Queijo

If you are passionate about cheese, the Pão de queijo is a must try. This is a baked cheese roll made from a recipe that originated as far back as Minas Gerais’ time.

It is typically eaten at breakfast, but there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying it at any time of the day. These rolls are also the perfect accompaniment to your sports betting sessions (or apostas esportivas no Brasil as it’s known by the locals).

#6: Kibe

Kibe has roots in the Middle East, but is firmly ingrained in Brazil’s food culture, nonetheless.

Often sold by local street vendors, the snack is made of minced lamb or beef combined with bulgur wheat. It can be fried, baked, or even eaten raw if you are brave enough!

#7: Açai na Tigela

The sweet purple acai fruit is used to make a delicious, creamy smoothie in Brazil. Açai na tigela is a local summer favourite, and is usually topped with granola, seeds and chopped fruit for added texture.

If you are a vegan or want to stay healthy while on your Brazilian vacation, this is the snack to try.

#8: Aipim Frito

Yuca is South America’s answer to potatoes, and these Brazilian yuca fries are proof.

Baked or fried, these chips are totally moreish – and you can also try other yuca dishes prepared with flour made from the starchy root like tapioca.

#9: Brigadeiro

This is arguably Brazil’s most popular sweet treat. Brigadiero are chocolate truffles made with condensed milk, butter and cocoa, and rolled in chocolate vermicelli sprinkles for an added cocoa kick.

#10: Brazilian Acarajé with Vatapá

For those who love their spice, this exotic African inspired dish is perfection. Brazilian acarajé with vatapá is made with mashed onions and beans and stuffed with delicious vatapá; a combination of peanuts, shrimp, coconut milk and bread.

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