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8 Iconic Brazilian Desserts to Discover

Brazilian cuisine is not without its sweet side. Check out these mouth-watering local desserts on your next trip to the beautiful South American nation.

Brazil offers a veritable smorgasbord of experiences for tourists, thanks to its amazing biodiversity, stunning attractions, bustling colonial towns, and unique cultural vibe.

Of course, the food is just as vibrant as the destination, and Brazilian desserts are particularly luxurious and renowned among global foodies. If you are looking for something sweet, exciting, and out of this world, these 8 iconic Brazilian puddings are the ones for you!

#1: Brigadeiro

This is the king of local desserts, and is popular at restaurants, street stalls, and even pubs, bars, and special events. Brigadeiro are gooey, sticky chocolate truffles traditionally made with condensed milk, butter, cocoa powder, and chocolate vermicelli.

They have been a big hit since they were first made in 1940, and nowadays there are many different variations to sample as well, including some with sumptuous fresh fruit fillings.

#2: Quindim

This bright, sunny yellow pudding is as irresistible to the eye as it is to the palate. These small, pretty custards are made using egg yolks, sugar and ground coconut, and first originated in Portugal.

They are often presented as an upturned half-sphere with a shiny surface and are intensely sweet and dense on the tongue. Be sure to look out for the large, donut-shaped quindim (called quindao) as well – they are the perfect accompaniment to football games and online betting sessions (or apostas online no Brasil).

#3: Canjica

Also called mugunza in the northern parts of Brazil, canjica is a tasty dessert porridge made with whole corn kernels cooked in sugar, cinnamon and milk.

Like rice pudding, peanuts and condensed milk are also added sometimes to give the pud extra flavour and texture.

#4: Cocada

This is a massively popular street food that can be found across Brazil. Cocada is a chewy, soft treat made with eggs and shredded coconut traditionally, but today, many unique variants can be found in different parts of the country.

Some variations include the addition of condensed milk, whole or chopped almonds, and other nuts and fruits.

#5: Beijinho de Coco

Meaning ‘little kiss of coconut’, this is another Brazilian truffle that definitely deserves its sterling reputation.

The truffles are made with sugar, condensed milk and coconut flakes, and can be found at virtually every birthday party in the country.

#6: Mousse de Maracuja

Passion fruit mousse is something of an institution when it comes to Brazilian desserts, especially since it requires just three ingredients and a very simple preparation procedure.

Sweet, tangy, sour and sumptuous all at once, the risk is worth the reward, and this creamy mousse can be made by blending and refrigerating condensed milk, passion fruit pulp, and fresh dairy cream.

#7: Acai

Made with the fruits of the acai palm, acai is a smoothie-like pudding eaten across Brazil.

Today, the berries are renowned for their high antioxidant count and numerous health benefits, meaning that this is a local treat that you can enjoy without guilt!

#8: Queijadinha

Coconut appears in dozens upon dozens of Brazilian dishes, and queijadinha is no exception.

This sumptuous flan-cake crossover is available at bakeries across the nation, and traditionally comprises of coconut, condensed milk, flour and soft curd cheese.

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