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How To Eat Fast Food While Being Vegan

People love eating fast food. It is convenient, fast and delicious. However, if you are vegan, it can be difficult to find options that you can be confident fit into your diet. Obviously, options like burgers are out but some problem foods are more subtle such as fries cooked in animal fat. Below are some ideas for keeping vegan while still enjoying everything fast food has to offer.

Swap Out Ingredients for Vegetables

A lot of fast food places have options that are vegan- and vegetarian-friendly thanks to having vegetables instead of meat. For example, you can have a pizza with vegetable toppings as a simple fast food option. In addition to vegan pizza delivery, many foods like burritos can be made with legumes or veggies to make them into healthy, delicious and filling vegan meals.

Vegan-Friendly Menu Items

Some menu items are inherently vegan. For example, some fast food places serve salads for the health- and ethics-conscious diner. Of course, as mentioned above, these can also be deceiving at times. So, be careful to do your research and consider asking. Major chains are careful about this sort of thing, so the staff at most franchises will know what is vegan and what isn’t.

Other vegan-friendly options include baked potatoes, breadsticks and other similar sides. For the former, be careful what you order with it. It may be best to opt for a plain potato and add your own toppings.

Vegan Meats

As you likely already know, there are now plant-based meats. Or, at least, they are meat-like foods. Items like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat are on menus at some fast food places. These can be hard to find except in major cities, however.

Eating With Mixed Company

Pretty much everyone has non-vegan friends and family. While it may be nice for everyone to go vegan, that probably isn’t happening soon. If you want something that will satisfy everyone, pizza may be the best option. Many people like vegetable toppings even if they eat meat. Additionally, if you search for “pizza specials near me tonight,” you are almost certain to find a special with multiple pizzas for a great price.

As with other fast food options, do your research on the chain first. While local pizza places are great, not all of them are good about respecting vegan diets. Consider sticking to national chains that are known for their vegan options. Everyone can be happy as you watch the pizza delivery tracker show your pizzas coming to you. It is one of the few options for which no one has to sacrifice dietary preferences. There’s even gluten-free pizza these days.

Order Tonight

Whether you opt for pizza, a burrito, a baked potato or something else, you can still enjoy fast food when you are vegan. The key is to swap out some ingredients or look through the menu for vegan options. The good news is that many chains are more conscientious today. So, you can enjoy some delicious food without having to worry about anything being secretly cooked in non-vegan fat.


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