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The Best Food In South America

South America is one of the most visited continents in the world, mostly due to the adventures that can be enjoyed throughout its many countries. From the wild jungles of Brazil to the snow-capped peaks of Argentina, there are many reasons to pack up and head to South America. On top of all of this, the continent also offers a fantastic range of delicious foods that should be tried at least once. These are five of the very best dishes that South America has to offer.

1. Empanadas Salteñas – Argentina

Empanadas are small, delicious baked snacks that are not dissimilar from the croissants that you can find in France. While empanadas are extremely common in Latin American countries, the ones found in Argentina are widely considered to be the best of all. They are either baked or fried, and are often stuffed with eggs, potatoes, green onions, and a meat, such as beef.

2. Juane – Peru

Peru is largely dominated by the Amazon Rainforest, meaning that many of their traditional dishes come straight from the jungles, and Juane is a prime example. The dish is made up of a bowl of rice that’s filled with a boiled egg, chicken, spices, and black olives. It’s a far cry from the foods most traditionally found in Western countries, but it’s delicious all the same. Juane usually comes wrapped in bijao leaves, which are similar to banana leaves.

3. Arepas – Venezuela

Arepas are incredible common throughout Venezuela and can be found both in expensive restaurants and as street food. It’s a common food in Venezuela and Colombia, and can be compared to something like the sandwich in Western countries, perfect for making as a snack before you watch TV or play online blackjack games. Like the sandwich, Arepas can be eaten as a sandwich and as a single slice, but the ones found in Venezuela are usually quite thick, and stuffed with a variety of meats, cheeses, and other savoury ingredients.

4. Feijoada – Brazil

This famed food from Brazil gets its name from the Portuguese word for bean, feijáo. What that means is that your typical feijoada is a traditional stew made up of a combination of beans and pork. It’s most often cooked with black beans and served with rice, along with shredded kale and topped with farofa, which is a toasted cassava flour. It’s considered a comfort food within Brazil, and is most commonly eaten among a group of people. Due to how large a serving tends to be, it’s best to eat it over a long period of time.

5. Reineta Fish – Chile

Chile is a country that has one of the most abundant coasts in the world, meaning that there’s never a lack of fresh seafood available. One of the most popular dishes in Chile is Reineta Fish, which is a mild fish that’s perfect for shallow frying, boiling, and grilling. It’s generally served grilled, and the fish is often flaky and light, making for a smaller but extremely robust meal perfect for a coastal dinner.


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