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Published on August 9th, 2020 | by admin


3 Tips For Taking A Hunting Trip With Your Kids


If part of your love of travel extends to traveling for your enjoyment of hunting, then this is likely something that you’re also planning to pass down to your children. But even if your kids have grown up seeing you and your love for hunting, getting them into this type of sport can be challenging, especially when they are young. So when the time comes that you’re finally ready to take them on a hunting trip for you, it’s wise to do everything in your power to make this a fun and safe experience.

To help you in doing this, here are three tips for taking a hunting trip with your kids.

Teach Them Proper Safety

There are a lot of things that can happen while hunting that could be dangerous. Not only are you and other hunters using weapons like firearms and others, but you’re also going to be out in the elements, which brings on some dangers all on its own. So to ensure that both you and your children are safe and comfortable while hunting, it’s vital that you teach them proper safety.

According to, safety is number one priority of any hunting experience. Share with your kids that regardless of the outcome of the hunt, if everyone is able to stay safe, then your trip was a success. In addition to this, you should also spend time before going hunting to teach your kids about weapon safety, hiking safety, animal safety, and more.

Plan And Prepare Together

As the day of your hunt approaches, Tom Carpenter, a contributor to, recommends that you involve your kids in the planning and preparation for your trip.

By having your kids help you plan where to go and what to pack for your hunt, you’ll help them to feel more excited about hunting. This anticipation will make the whole experience of hunting more enjoyable for your kids and will add to the things that you can do together as you both get ready for this first hunting trip together.

Do All Things With Patience

It’s worth stating that the experience of hunting with your kids isn’t going to be like your other hunting experiences. Just like when you introduce anything to your kids for the first time, there’s going to need to be a lot of explanations and hand holding while your child gets comfortable and feels more confident. This will be the same as you start hunting together.

Because of this, shares that you should try your best to be as patient as possible with your child. Expect for things to take longer than they normally would and for your child to be hesitant about certain things. Try not to rush them or push them into doing anything they’re not ready for, as this could sour them toward the whole experience.

If you’re thinking about going on a hunting trip with your child for the first time, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you make this a great experience for everyone.


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