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Published on February 26th, 2021 | by admin


6 Tips for Boosting Your Immune System When You Travel

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With COVID-19 and its variants still wreaking havoc on the world, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you’re taking care of yourself and doing everything you can to boost your immune system.

If you travel a lot, then it’s even more important to take steps to ensure that your immune system is in great shape before you get on that plane to New Zealand, Europe, or somewhere in the US. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to help you boost your immune system when you travel.

1. Take Immunity Boosting Vitamins and Supplements

The immune system is the body’s first defense against germs, bacteria, and illnesses that can quickly get you down. With COVID-19 and flu season in full force, it couldn’t hurt to take vitamins for immune system protection on top of doing everything else you can to stay healthy. It’s also important to pay attention to what’s in the food on your plate so that you can get as many natural vitamins and minerals as you can before you start your travels.

2. Eat the Right Foods

Many foods will boost your immune system; you have to know which ones to eat. Here’s a list of the best foods to help you get started.

  • Citrus fruit
  • Garlic
  • Mushrooms
  • Fish
  • Carrots
  • Ginger
  • Onions

Eating the right foods and taking the right supplements will go a long way towards having your immune system in great shape before you step on the plane to begin your travels.

3. Focus on the quality of your sleep

If you go to bed at 9 p.m. intent on getting a solid eight hours of sleep but spend two of those hours surfing Facebook on your phone or flipping the channels on the remote, then you’re not going to be successful. Your body needs the right amount of rest to function correctly. If you’re exhausted, then your body isn’t going to be able to run at top form. That’s going to make it harder for your immune system to fight off bugs.

4. Get Your Vaccinations Updated

While you’re going to have to have certain vaccines before leaving the country for New Zealand anyway, you might want to get your flu shot, the COVID-19 vaccine if it’s available in your area, and any other vaccinations you’re due for. These vaccines will help boost your immune system and keep you from coming down with something during your travels.

5. Move More

It’s easy to get into the habit of staying in your hotel room, especially if you’re traveling on business and the workday is done. To keep your immune system in great shape, you’re going to need to move more. Whether it’s exercising at the local gym, jogging, or taking a walk around the city after dinner, the more you stay active, the healthier you’ll be.

6. Take Care of Your Toothbrush

While this may seem like a strange thing to do to boost your immune system, not taking care of your toothbrush can end with you getting sick. Make sure that you keep it in a clean place. Studies show that soaking it in antibacterial mouthwash overnight once a week can help keep it clean and limit the number of bacteria that are growing on it.

These are just a few of the best tips out there for improving your immune system before and during your travels. During these trying times, you also want to make sure that you are practicing social distancing as much as possible and following health guidelines. Remember, get enough sleep, stock up on vitamins and supplements, and keep moving to remain well during your travels.


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