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How to Professionally Dress For Your Curves

As a strong woman, you can wear anything you want. Confidence over everything. The goal is to accentuate your body type and highlight your curves, there are a few style tricks to do so. From bright colors to monochromatic looks, select your favorite features to make it much easier for you to translate them into your wardrobe. Celebrate your gorgeous self with styles that accentuate your taste, make you feel beautiful, and go with your existing wardrobe to make it budget-friendly as well.

Balance Function and Style

Whether it’s business, casual, or even just wanting to feel beautiful at home, a classy way to show a bit of skin is to show the shoulders. Coachella style might be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of off the shoulder looks. This trend has become so popular, and with good reason, as it fits almost anybody and age. It’s peek of skin has a hint of sexy, while still keeping it classy and appropriate. It also fits almost any climate and is a reminder to the world you still got it. Trend Spotter notes that the off the shoulder look has an undeniable presence on the runway, red carpet, and almost anywhere. It’s become a wardrobe must-have. Whether they’re worn casually with jeans and flats or dressed up with a midi skirt and heels, off-the-shoulder tops are popping up at every occasion.

If you need a dose of feminine fashion, an off the shoulder top is great in that its unique neckline elongates the neck and creates a flirty look. Styling options including graphic tops, flared sleeves, tied, knotted, single or dual, off-shoulder tops are not only modern, but they are perfect for the plus size women wanting to flaunt their skin and yet don’t desire to go overboard.

Rules of Off-the-Shoulder Looks

Outfit Trends has some great tips on how to style the plus size fashion tops off-the-shoulder trend. Simple tips can truly make a statement. First off, pay special attention to your shoulders. Keeping them moisturized so that you will pull off the look successfully. You are flaunting your shoulders so avoid putting hair, jewelry, or any other pieces of garments on them to clearly show your off-shoulder top. Second, choose lingerie wisely and keep the rest of the outfit simple, so all you see is your shoulders. A good investment could be a strapless bra or bralette for more support. Third, avoid heavy necklaces that could distract, possibly choosing a choker to add to your look. The unique neckline of an off-the-shoulder top is what makes it a special piece of clothing. That clean line creates a striking contrast between fabric and flesh that shouldn’t be interrupted. Aim to accessorize around the neckline instead of over it. A thick fabric choker that matches your top is a great option as it adds to the graphic nature of the look. Bold, statement earrings can have a similar effect, offering decoration while keeping the chest area bare. For a more bohemian style, try layering short necklaces and adding a hat. If you’re after a casual look, however, you can also simply accessorize with sunglasses, a watch, and light bracelets. Finally, don’t carry a bag with a strap that will leave marks, but rather opt for a clutch or hand purse.

A few more helpful tips women should consider is to select an off-the-shoulder top that fits your height. If you’re on the taller side, balance your height out by wearing long tops. If you’re shorter, stick to shorter tops, or tuck long tops into the front of your pants. Select styles that compliment your figure. Larger chested women should look for flowy or streamlined styles. For smaller chested women, you’ll be able to pull off form-fitting off-the-shoulder tops. Another reminder has to do with comfort, select an off-the-shoulder top that allows arm movement, so you won’t be restricted.

What should also be considered is the look and occasion you’ll be stepping out to. While the bohemian, peasant-style off-shoulder tops of the 1970s still exist, a new breed of off-shoulder tops has also been born. Sleek, minimal, and structured, they provide attractive contours and unique silhouettes. The lace effect detail provides strong feminine vibes, ruffled off the shoulder tops enhance an hourglass figure, metallic is on-trend for a girls night out, high-low fluted sleeves provide a sophisticated look, vibrant and geometric prints add a funky element, cold-shoulder tops are more elegant, a lengthened neutral color with matching pants for a sophisticated look, or an off the shoulder black top with a bright skirt for brunch. Know when to pair with jeans, business wear, or a skirt to make it all work together. In colder months you can layer with a jacket, vest, or sweater, and leggings add a very versatile look.

Whether it’s online or in person retail, support brands and companies designed by women with curves. Selecting retail owned by women entrepreneurs is a great way to encourage women pursuing their dreams. Shop for a look that speaks to you personally and will help those gorgeous curves pop. It’s a work staple for your closet that you can enjoy for years and seasons to come.


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