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How You Can Take the Best Care of Your Skin as You Get Older: Top Beauty Tips to Combat Ageing

Many of us would opt to stay young and youthful forever. But there is also such a thing as ageing gracefully – getting older may be inevitable, but we can still look good and feel great even as we age. The fact is, if you feel confident and youthful on the inside, it will show on the outside. But it isn’t to say that we can’t do our own bit to look younger, especially with some help from the proper routines and habits as well as products. So how can you take proper care of your skin as you get older? Here are some top beauty tips to combat ageing.

  • Use a gentle and mild cleanser

There’s no doubt that proper cleansing is important, but make sure you use a gentle and mild cleanser rather than a strong and harsh one. Cleansing is essential because it removes makeup and other products, and it can also remove pollutants, bacteria, and grease. And when you cleanse, whatever skincare products you use will be more easily absorbed by your skin, making them more effective. Choose a cleanser that can help preserve the barrier of your skin and help make it resistant to damage and dehydration. Additionally, opt for cleansers that have a low pH level so your skin can achieve the right balance.

Certain products can help you fight the effects of skin ageing, such as SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF, and it can protect your skin from free radical damage due to its combination of Phloretin, ferulic acid, and vitamin C. The right combination of products can help make your skin look and feel younger and can even eliminate the sight of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots and blemishes.

  • Use exfoliants

When we get older, our skin can slow down its replenishment, and dead skin cells won’t be replaced by new cells that quickly. This can result in skin that looks uneven and dull. But when you use exfoliants, you can help prevent this. There are two basic classifications of exfoliants – chemical and physical. Physical ones like bead cleansers and sugar scrubs may cause the skin to sag, however, so it’s best to avoid this as you get older. You can instead go for chemical exfoliants that can gradually dissipate the bonds in between cells and help them detach, and the best ones have ingredients like lactic acid and glycolic acid, which are classified under alpha-hydroxy acids. You can easily find these in various serums, toners, and peels.

  • Avoid rubbing your skin when applying skincare products

As we age, we should be gentler with our skin, so it’s best to pat instead of rub our skin when we apply skincare products. But what are the best skincare products for older skin? You can opt for serums that have ingredients such as vitamin A derivatives (retinoids) and vitamin C. Apart from increasing the skin’s collagen production, these ingredients have antioxidant properties that can soak up oxidative stress from the environment and our own biological production.

  • Always moisturise

Lastly, always moisturise – we can’t stress this enough. When we age, our skin doesn’t produce as much sebum, which can result in dryness. Look for moisturisers with humectants that bind water, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerine. When you moisturise, you can effectively hydrate your skin, leading to a suppler, firmer appearance.

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