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The Art Of Colorful Hair

These days it is not uncommon to see colorful hair on many heads, male and female on any city street in any country across the globe. And though we always recommend visiting a salon, and finding a hairdresser to professionally bleach and color your hair, there are ways to do it yourself.

Here we discuss how to change your hair color yourself, with as little damage as possible, so that you look great on your next big day out, or on a date.

The Basics of Colorful hair


So unless you were born with perfectly blonde hair, you are going to have to bleach your lovely locks. And when bleaching, be aware that you will lose length due to bleach damage, so one of my top tips is to never cut yourself a fringe – that will take years to grow back if you continue bleaching.


There are a wide variety of hair dyes out there, from permanent to semi-permanent to hair chalks, and we will cover them all.


Here we discuss how to maintain your vivid color without spending a fortune or a lifetime in the process


When it comes to bleaching, this painful process is best done in a salon by a professional (as mentioned in the beginning of our article – it is important) but if you are determined to do the bleaching yourself, here are my top tips:

  • Treatments, you need to give your hair loads of nourishing treatments as often as possible, before, during and after the process of bleaching.
  • Bleach bath, a bleach bath is mixing your store bought bleach with shampoo (1 part bleach to 2 parts shampoo). This process is slightly less damaging to hair then straight bleach. Try lightening your hair over a few weeks (yes you would have to walk around with orange hair for a while) and only leave the bleach on for 30 minutes. While waiting play on a few online NZ casino sites to pass the time.


There are literally hundreds of hair color brands available online and in beauty supply shops, so here we discuss the best color options as well as the importance of toning your hair.

  • Toning, once you have bleached your hair into oblivion, and you went for a trim to get rid of the frazzled ends, you will need to tone your hair in order for your color of choice to be vibrant enough so do not skip this step. Try out Wella T18 to tone your hair, this is a cult favorite amongst DIY hair dyers.
  • Color brand, my top pick for brand is Manic Panic and if your local beauty supplier does not stock this brand, it is readily available online. My second pick is the Wella range of colors, as they are focused on hair and treatments.
  • Mix your hair dye with white conditioner if you want a lighter pastel color, and to stretch your budget a bit too, as lighter color fades less.


So now you have your beautiful pastel pink hair or your vibrant sea green mermaid hair, how do you maintain this color without coloring every week?

  • Mix your hair dye in with your conditioner, so each time you wash your hair you top up your color.
  • Wash your hair less, I know it sounds gross but if you wash your hair less you will not lose color as fast.
  • Use Sulphate free shampoo, this will help keep your color longer too.
  • Bleach again, unfortunately you will have to bleach as your hair grows, but make sure you only bleach your roots to avoid damaging the hair you already bleached.

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